Excellence and Uniqueness

Basmatk® is a web based tracking systerm for employee Time & Attendance times, absents and staff requests , it also supports mobile devices, and this gives the power to use Basmatk from any where, any time.

Simple and Flexible scheduling

Basmatk® allow you to customize it to include information about the production cycles, patterns of work, holidays and public holidays. All this allows you to quickly create work schedules that are compatible with the needs of your organization's.

Work integration

Basmatk® can be easily integrated into other system like human resources and payroll account, ERP you can use the reports that have been collected from Basmatk® to know the number of working hours per employee for the calculation of salaries and bonuses or discounts. And thus eliminate the possibility of error in the data.

Get rid of employee attendance problems

Reduce absenteeism and improve the timeliness of the work, always relying on reports and attendance provided by the program, and will help to easily identify the problems and issues of absenteeism and lack of commitment of time, allowing you to take appropriate action before things get out of control.

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